Regulations of booking and stay

This document regulates principles of booking process, booking cancellation, payment for booking, booking validity as well as principals of stay in Drugi Dom hostels.


  1. Booking of stay can be made by:
    1. Sending stay order in written form: electronic (by e-mail) or registered letter (by post).
    2. Placing stay order by phone (what should be confirmed by e-mail correspondence with specified all agreed conditions of made booking.

    After booking accordingly to procedure described above, Drugi Dom will send at indicated by guest e-mail address or post address confirmation of the booking.

  2. The necessary  condition for making valid booking is pre-payment done by future guest of minimum 30% of full booking value.
  3. As the date of pre-payment is considered the date of money entrance to bank account of Drugi Dom.
  4. Remaining amount of the booking value is to be paid while checking in. In case of lack of payment in proper term, booking will be cancelled.
  5. Advance payment should be paid by bank transfer or cash onto Drugi Dom bank account: 00 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 Banku.
  6. Advance payment should be paid into bank account within 3 days from the date of booking or within the time specified in sent booking confirmation.
  7. The Calculation of the reserved services takes place in accordance with the valid price list at the time of booking.


  1. Terms of booking cancellation. In case of resignation from booked stay, guest will be charged for resignation from the stay in amount:
    1. Up to 30 days before planned date of stay, advanced payment will be returned in 100% for the bank account indicated by booker.
    2. In term of less than 30 days before planned date of stay booker will be charged 100% of the booked stay.
    3. In case of not arriving in booked date of stay without booking cancellation, booker will be charged 100% of the booked stay value.
  2. In case of shortened stay in the Drugi Dom, Guest apart from the price for the completed stay, you will be charged additional fee equal to 100% of not realized stay value. The paid amount will not be refunded.
  3. In case when Drugi Dom  is not able to deliver on booking made by booker, booker will be returned 100% of the booked stay value.
  4. Booking cancellation requires written form.


  1. Check in begins at 2pm and ends at 11am.
  2. Guests are requested to keep silence after 10pm.
  3. Guests are requested not to smoke in the room. Guests are allowed to smoke in winter garden or on terrace.
  4. Guests are requested not to take dishes out of the room.
  5. For destruction i devastation guests will be charged accordingly to destructed things’ value.
  6. In case of emergency please call number +48 602 537 229. We stay at your disposal at any time during the day.
  7. With given key Guest will be able to open door of his room.
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